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Arron Hand

Arron Hand is an up and coming DJ and Producer from Manchester with a widely eclectic style. Using a wide range of Genres such as: House, Techno, Electronica, Breaks, Acid and whatever else might take his fancy. Arron doesn’t much like to stick within the boundaries. Starting his journey at The Manchester Midi school at the age of 16, alongside college and later University, Arron went onto became a resident at the likes of M35 Music and Most Wanted. Playing multiple events, mainly in the Old Skool scene. Arron was seemingly on the up and up before the Pandemic hit and halted that particular progression. However, whilst in Lockdown Arron made the most of it, becoming familiar with the art of Music Production and the theory of such alongside regularly taking Piano lessons continuing this same consistent work rate post Pandemic and Into 2023. Spending the entirety of that long gruelling time indoors, to his own benefit. Always eager to learn and further himself, Arron is confident he can get back on track and more going forward.

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