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Jay Hunter (Solidst8erz)

Jay Hunter started ‘mixing’ over 30 years ago. As an over eager 13 year old using an old Technics SL-B200 (3% pitch bend!) and a computer tape player, he learned the basics of how to pick out the tempos of two tracks at the same time, before graduating to his first set of the venerable 1210’s at age 16. Grounded by his dad’s love of funk, soul and disco, Jay loves any sounds that make your hips shake – but his heart has always been house, whether it’s disco, tech, hard or big room, for Jay, it’s all about the groovy baselines, slow but snappy snares and uplifting chords. After a brief professional career playing some one-offs at a number of London dance venues for parties like Institute of Goa and the Liberator parties he grabbed a residency in Shoreditch, before his technology career took off and DJing became more of a sideline than a career option. Now he keeps his oar in doing the odd party, wedding or bar mitzvah and has been a Househeads regular now for 6+ years,  Now moving over to UK Dance FM along with his DJ wife Shar. You can find them on the SolidSt8 Sunday Social show between 16:00 and 18:00 (UK time) every Sunday, playing an eclectic mix across all house genres but occasionally upping the ante with some breaks and techno.

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