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Our DJ’s

Step into the electrifying world of UK Dance FM, where our talented DJs weave pulsating beats and vibrant rhythms. From house to techno, trance to drum and bass, they’ve got your musical cravings covered. Join us for an unforgettable dance music journey – let’s make those speakers thump!

Aidan Davis

Hailing from the northeast of England, Aidan’s passion for DJing led him on a journey

Arron Hand

Arron Hand is an up and coming DJ and Producer from Manchester with a widely

Ciaran Mac

Ciaran Mack

laying mainly Progressive & Melodic Techno sets but don’t be surprised to hear the odd

DJFrankMix Logo

DJ FrankMix

Old school DJ , play all music you can dance to, worked in Disco’s and

DJ Shar (Solidst8erz)

DJ Shar played at venues around London including Club 414, Dungeons Hackney and various bars

dj elixir / elx


Jory Bice, better known as dj elixir, has been tearing the roofs off of large

Gaz Campbell

Now a DJ on UKDANCEFM bringing you all variations of House, Techno, melodic, progressive, hardcore,

Paul B

Paul B has had a weekly show on House Heads Radio and has enjoyed playing

Photo of Trevor Saunders

Trevor Saunders

Playing mainly progressive House, he also does tend to move around the Tech arena too,